Lost 22.4kg in just 12 weeks!


My name is Kylie and I lost 10.2kg in my first four weeks. Three months on, I have lost a total of 22.4 kg.

Pete had a genuine and passionate attitude that made me realize that Ryze could help me commit to a new lifestyle. Pete teamed me up with Ben Austin because I was nursing a knee injury after failing to notice a fence whilst running (another story). Ben had undergone a knee reconstruction a year before so there was no chance that I could manipulate him…… I tried but I realized that it was a waste of time after a week. Then I reminded myself that this was a lifestyle change. Like I said I lost 10.2kg with Ben in four weeks…… the little baby faced assassin!!! I still have the text that Ben sent me after my weigh in, saying “you have done everything I’ve advised you to do and so much more…. Wow 10.2kg in 4 weeks.”

What Ben gave me was encouragement, commitment, knowledge but most importantly he inspired me to change my lifestyle. There is something really rare about Ryze PT. Actually there is something really special about Pete, Ben and Cassie…….. They all have something really unique, the capability to inspire a person: that we have the potential to change our lifestyle and choices, that we have the strength to reshape our perceptions and to make things work for us, not against us. Ultimately, the real power is shared, not imposed.

I believe that this is why I’ve produced the results I desired. Also, every day they constantly remind me of my own personal commitment. It’s refreshing to exercise, train, laugh and relate to people (not just trainers) who are actually just like you and me.