Extreme Conditioning Circuit

Our TOUGHEST class in the RYZE Personal Training schedule!

Are you ready to try one of the toughest yet most rewarding classes that Ryze Personal Training has to offer?

We bring this to you in our Extreme Conditioning Circuit! This is the ultimate 1 hour of strength, toning and all over body conditioning which will push you, test how far you can go out of your comfort zone, while challenging your mental strength and determination. No pain, no gain!
This class is a mix up of new techniques, combined with old school endurance and hard work. We use of a range of modern gym equipment and industrial gear combined, for a work out that is anything but boring! Equipment you could expect your personal strength coach to incorporate into your class may include:

  • Ropes;
  • Truck tyres;
  • Hammers;
  • Kettle bells;
  • Resistant bands;
  • Weights;
  • Medicine balls;
  • Bars;
  • Skipping ropes, and more!

All this plus the ongoing support from your dedicated fitness coach will get your heart racing and the blood pumping. Get involved in the Extreme Conditioning Circuit every Saturday morning from 6:30am – 7:30am at our Brisbane Northside studio, located on Newmarket Road in Windsor.

To find out more information or to book in your spot call us on 1300 763 164, or simply Contact Us HERE to secure your spot.   

This is the ultimate  1 hour strength & conditioning circuit designed to take you out of your comfort zone. Test your metal & create a warriors physique! If you are looking for that extra push, something different, a challenge… then THIS IS FOR YOU!